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Orcella Expeditions offers an incredible multi-day journey into the world of marine mammals. Surrounded by breathtaking beauty you will learn of the natural history  and experience the wonder of their ocean world. With this all inclusive package you will find yourself in the heart of the west coasts most historic village, Telegraph Cove , where you will never be more than a few steps away from the sea.


These multi-day expeditions will allow the participants to get so much more than a ‘snapshot’ of the wildlife.  With full days on the water, it is possible to gain true insight into the full marine eco-system.  Our natural history expeditions provides a rare opportunity to observe the characteristics and behaviours of the wondrous marine mammals.  This tour is ideal for all with a true love and respect for the ocean and its life.

Telegraph Cove, BC

Telegraph Cove is also home of the Whale Interpretive Centre  and its unique collection of marine mammal skeletons. For over 30 years many local people have assisted with the collection and articulation of these bones which include: orcas, dolphins, porpoise, sea lions, seals, sea otters, minke whale, fin whale and many more....

Experienced Crew

Pioneers in the wildlife viewing industry and founders of British Columbia’s first whale watching company, qualify Jim and Mary Borrowman to host and guide you to one of West Coast Canada’s most amazing ocean ecosystems….More...

Captain Jim Borrowman, Owner

Jim’s love of the ocean started at the age of 2 when he went fishing off Victoria with his father.  His first encounter with killer whales was at age 11 in his 4 metre boat.  He is a licensed captain and has been scuba diving for over 35 years.  Jim is a pioneer in the whale watching industry having started British Columbia’s first whale watching company in 1980. Jim’s love of killer whales started in 1977 and has carried on to today.  He has been involved with many committees that are committed to saving the environment and killer whale habitat.  His cooperation with researchers and scientist worldwide with acoustic recordings of marine mammals with concentration in the Blackfish Archipelago / Johnstone Strait area and the photo identification programme in collaboration with the University of British Columbia and Fisheries and Oceans Canada is ongoing.  Jim has been recognized with many awards, one being Conservation Champion of British Columbia for 2008.

Mary Borrowman, Owner

Mary is the behind the scenes coordinator.  She has a strong background in business and the retail market.  Her love for the North Island has been reflected in the years of volunteer public service – President of the Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Heritage Society, Chair of the Community Resource Board, Director Tourism Vancouver Island.  She is currently a director and the manager for the Whale Interpretive Centre .  Her love of the culinary arts delights many a guest.  

Unbelievable footage below

of the Marine Mammals of the Blackfish Archipelago, learn more...
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